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A Gratin with Gratitude

Another Thanksgiving is almost here, another feast built around all or most of our favorite flavors from the past. But if you’re looking for one more over-the-top vegetable dish for your Thanksgiving table, you might sample something new this year that’s actually almost as old to the French as Pilgrims and native Americans are to…

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‘Amadeus’ for the Ages

The late British playwright Peter Shaffer was blessed with two of the most unlikely gifts: creating dazzling intellectual puzzles with more than one satisfying solution, and turning out scripts that delighted multitudes, became hit films and made him a wealthy man. His two best-known works for the stage, Equus and Amadeus, were renowned for the…

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The Season of Cranberries

What is the only berry you can think of that was enjoyed by native Americans 12,000 years ago, first commercially grown on Cape Cod by a veteran of the Revolutionary War, is typically harvested underwater, is eventually turned into a jelly-jiggling log that plops from a can, and is a safe expectation on any and…

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