South African Renewal

With more than three centuries of winemaking under its oh-so-rugged belt, South Africa is one of the oldest new wine regions on earth. Or should we say newest old wine regions? A visit to the bottom of the mammoth African continent is humbling for its sense of wine history reaching back to Dutch settlers in…

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Hungary’s Tokaji

We traveled deep into the heart of Hungary, arguably the most exotic country in Europe with its single most impenetrable language, not only to bask in natural beauty and rich, seemingly endless history. We traveled to taste arguable the world’s most legendary dessert wine, a golden amber nectar of the gods known by its place…

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Montefalco’s Big Moment

DM Magazine

In Italy, as in other parts of the wine-blessed world, there is a tendency to link certain regions with certain beloved grapes – thus the Chianti region in Tuscany with its sangiovese, the Veneto with its pinot grigio and all of Sicily with its nero d’avola. The commercial success of these grapes has inspired their…

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